CPAS – Public Center for Social Welfare

Missions of the CPAS (Public Center for Social Welfare)

The CPAS is a neighborhood social services agency managed by legal dispositions and more specifically by the organic law of July 8, 1976 that sets its means of functioning and also its missions.

The foundations of the CPAS’s actions rest on the principle that “every person has the right to social assistance,” with the goal of allowing each person to lead a life in accordance with human dignity.

The organic law of July 8, 1976 also specifies:

- in Article 57 § 1 that: The Public Center for Social Welfare has the mission of ensuring the assistance that is due from the community to people and families. It not only carries out measures of palliative or curative assistance, but it delivers preventative aid as well. It encourages the social participation of its beneficiaries. This assistance may be material, social, medical, medical-social, or psychological.

- in Article 57 § 2 that: by derogation to the other dispositions of the law, the mission of the Public Center for Social Welfare is limited to:

- 1° granting emergency medical assistance to a foreigner who illegally resides in the kingdom;

- 2° determine the state of need following a situation in which parents do not assume or are not capable of assuming their duty of maintaining a child, regarding a foreigner less than 18 years of age who is illegally staying with his parents in the kingdom.

- in Article 57 § 3 that: the Center exercises the guardianship or at the least ensures the guardianship, maintenance, and education of underage children if they are entrusted to it by the law, by the parents, or by public organisms.

- in Article 57 § 4 that : the Center carries out the roles and responsibilities that are conferred to it by the law, the King, or the municipal authority.



Our Public Center for Social Welfare is managed by:

Monsieur LIBOTTE  Jean-Pierre : President.

Monsieur LAMBERT Bruno : Secretary.

  Tel : 071-55-93-43  


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