Residence of the Quartier Fleuri

Retirement home and care facility
Rue du quartier, 2
6560 Erquelinnes

Started in February 1962, the "Residence of the quartier fleuri" is certified for 68 beds, including 25 MRS beds, and welcomes people 60 years and older, whethere they are able-bodied, semi-able-bodied, or invalid.


Mr.SOUPART Frédéric
Tel.: 071/55.93.53
Fax : 071/55.93.54
E-mail :frédé

Mr. BACHY Guillaume
Head Nurse
Tel.: 071/55.83.69
Fax : 071/55.93.54
E-mail :

Mrs. DORDAIN Colette
Social worker
Tel. 071/55.93.49
Fax : 071/55.93.41
E-mail :


A pleasant lifestyle

Our Residence is located in a setting of greenery, not far from businesses and from the center of the municipality (map). 

You will enjoy a bright and pleasant room.
This room will come furnished, but you will be able to supplement it according to your tastes.
It is equipped with a cable hookup.
Here, you can receive the people who you want: you will be at home.

 Two living rooms will be available to you. Here, you will find a VCR and a TV as well as a whole series of books to discover.
We care about offering you varied family cuisine, all while respecting, of course, any prescribed diets.
We take it as a point of honor to serve you quality meals, prepared on the premises.
To these ends, we welcome your wishes and suggestions.
If you would like to receive a friend or relative for dinner, a dining room will be made available to you.

Care and activities

24/7 nurse presence.
Qualified staff, at your service to help you and to respond to your needs : nurses, nursing ages, physical therapists, occupational therapists
You may choose your treating physician.

 Our role is to allow you to flourish by establishing relations and by participating in various activities.

A beautiful day at the Paradisio park  
 A three-day stay was even organized at Cap Gris Nez. We stayed in a bed-and-breakfast with around fifteen people.



Out-of-area person:33.20 € per day
Within the area:32.13 € per day
Couple :53.55 € per day


Additional fees:

- personal laundry service: 30 € per month and 45 € per month for a couple
- fixed rate for laundry marking: 30 € with 100 labels and then 10 € for 100 additional labels
- doctor, pharmacist ...

Documents available to you:

Lodging agreement ( - 170 Ko)

Internal order regulation ( - 256 Ko)

Patient’s rights (  - 121 Ko)


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