Asbestos (recycling)

Asbestos: définition
Asbestos, is a particularly toxic material whose use is strictly prohibited today. Largely used in the construction sector in the last few decades, numerous households still have asbestos-based materials (corrugated slabs, pipes, etc.).

In order to allow citizens to get rid of this asbestos waste while still respecting the environment, since March 30, 2009, IDEA Public Cleanliness has accepted deposits, according to certain conditions, at the sites of Cuesmes and Manage.

In effect, materials that contain asbestos such as corrugated or flat slabs, slates, water drainage pipes, doorways and window blocks, chimneys, windoboxes, etc. need to be handled and disposed of with caution, in an adequate container. This needs to be done in order to respect the norms relating to the environment and to public health. Slabs need to be disposed of by the citizen in specific containers, based on information from the agent who is present. Bringing asbestos is strictly limited to 12 m² or 200 kg per household and per year.

Asbestos may be disposed of between Monday and Friday from 9:30 am to 12:00 pm and from 12:30 pm to 4:30 pm only at the sites of Cuesmes and Manage.

• Cuesmes : Rue de Ciply, 265 à 7033 Cuesmes - locate on Google maps
• Manage : Rue de Bellecourt, 48 à 7070 Manage - locate on Google maps

Materials that contain asbestos, packaged in double-walled containers, will then be transferred into a Class 2 technical burying center.

Asbestos can break up into very fine fibers. It is therefore necessary to protect yourself before handling asbestos in order to avoid inhaling the particles. For a charge, kits (overalls, mask, and gloves) are available at Cuesmes and Manage. Also think about working in a well-aerated space, if possible outside. Finally, friable asbestos (insulation cord, etc.) as well as the new “Eternit” are not accepted. These waste products must be disposed of with a certified agency.

For more information, contact IDEA Public Cleanliness at 065/41.27.00 or 064/52.06.80.



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