Container Park

► Location

“European Business Space” Zoning
6560 Solre-Sur-Sambre
Tel.: +32 (0)71 59.83.68

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► WHO can use the container park and WHEN?

Residents of municipalities affiliated with the ISPH, as well as residents of Merbes who have made an agreement with our inter-municipal relationship.
Entrepreneurs, business owners, or independent citizens cannot dispose of waste inherent to their profession, except for small electric appliance merchants within the framework of the RECUPEL collection.
Trucks and vans that have a tare weight higher than 3 tons will not be admitted into the park.
Hours are as follows: Monday to Friday from 12 pm to 6 pm and Saturdays from 9 am to 5 pm

► What is the role of officials at the container park?

Officials are there to guide you and to help you in case of need.
They are not responsible for park regulations but are held to make sure the regulations are respected.
The officials ask each person to respect the signs and the instructions and to look after cleanliness in the interest of each person.
Please remain courteous with the officials, who are just doing their job!

► What is the purpose of the different containers?
Waste products listed below cannot be disposed of in the container except with the approval of the surveillance person present:

► Green waste
The following are accepted in this container: grass, hedge clippings, branches, leaves, etc.

► Oversized items

The following are accepted in this container: furniture, ceiling lights, mattresses, plates, ceramics, porcelain, children’s games, buckets, doors, framing, used wallpaper, mirrors, frames, clothing in poor condition, large pieces of Styrofoam, wooden planks, rugs, etc.

The following are accepted in this container: soil, rubble, bricks, tiles, toilets, sinks, plaster, concrete blocks, plasterboard sheets, tiles, ceiling boarding, stoneware pipes, concrete poles, etc.

► Large household appliances

(closed container): The following are accepted in this container: refrigeration and freezing appliances, heating appliances, air humidifiers, stoves, washing machines, dishwashers, spin dryers, dryers, water heaters, irons, solarium lighting, tanning beds, etc.

► Television/screens

(Eurobox container) : The following are accepted in this container: image reproduction appliances (television, computer screens)

► Other household electric appliances

(Eurobox container) : The following are accepted in this container – small appliances (microwave ovens, broilers, etc.), vacuum cleaners, appliances for recording and reproducing sound (audio, cameras, DVD, radios, CD players, etc.), portable audio appliances and audio appliances for cars, fryers, toasters, hair dryers, printers, photocopiers, small computer appliances (computer keyboards ; calculators, etc.), telecommunication appliances (telephones, cell phones, etc.)

► Metals

are accepted in this container: nails, bicycles, pots, pans, mixed metals, stainless steel sinks…

► Plastic, Metal, and Cardboard

The following are accepted in this container : bottles in PET, PVC, and HDPE (bottles for water and other beverages, bottles for dishwashing and cleaning products, bottles for clothing detergent and fabric softener products, shampoo bottles and bubble bath bottles) cans, metal cans, small aluminum dishes, aerosol cans, metallic covers and capsules, drink cartons (juice, crème fraiche, milk, tomato sauce, etc.)

► Clothing

The following are accepted in this container: all clean clothes, shoes, belts, bags and covers, etc.

► Cardboard

The following are accepted in this container : cardboard boxes, clean or unclean cardboard packaging

► Papers

The following are accepted in this container: clean papers, newspapers, books, leaflets, letters, envelopes, unused wallpaper…

► Glass

are accepted in this container : glass bottles and jars (separate clear glass from colored glass and remove caps, lids, etc.)

► Special waste products

The following are accepted in this container: paint cans, glues, resins, varnishes, batteries (tonneaux BEBAT barrels), motor oil and mineral oil (tanks), vegetable and animal oil/grease (drums and tubs), motor oil containers, phyto products, wood treatments, fertilizer, insecticides and pesticides, miscellaneous chemical products (acids, bases, etc.), mercury thermometers, ink, photo products, X-rays, cosmetic products, medication, syringes in a thick and closed plastic reciprocal.

The following are accepted in the bags of the Petit Liège Nonprofit Organization: only corks, without metal, leather, wood, or other material

The following ARE STRICTLY REFUSED in a container park:

all explosive products, bullets, grenades, dynamite, radioactive and nuclear products, tires, car parts, wreckage, plastic tarps (except for during the collection date for agricultural tarps), dirty glass, waste from septic tanks, silt, windshields

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