This part of the website will allow you to find different aspects of political life in Erquelinnes.

First, it will allow you to find your elected officials and also to be able to enter into contact with them by finding all of their contact information.
In addition, it will allow you to find the general policy declaration that is valid for the next few years.
It also includes other elements, such as the summaries of the most recent budgets and municipal accounts, the make-up of the C.C.A.T.M., and the make-up of the Social Action Council.

Also, it contains practical elements, like the agenda for the next council meeting and the minutes of the most recent council meetings.

On this topic, certain minutes being of considerable length, it is sometimes impossible, in order to maintain reasonable downloading speeds, to put them online in their full version.

If, in spite of everything, you wish to obtain the entirety of these minutes, it is always possible to request them by e-mailing the following people:

ADAMI Jacqueline +32 (0)71 55.92.67
LAURENT Monique : +32 (0)71 55.92.64
OSLER Jocelyne : +32 (0)71 55.92.64

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