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Marie-Laurence DELATTRE
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Francine DELEUZE
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Michèle WATTE
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Population: General information


As a service to the public, municipalities are the first link between residents and the administration. They have as their directing principal all of the rules of life, created democratically in the interest of the community.

The various municipal departments accompany, assist, or govern people in the things that concern them the most, their life and their community.

The Population and Civil Registry Departments are among the most important. They provide constant services for the public. They also update the registry of all people who live alone, with others, or as a family in the municipality.

The Population Department connects citizens to the various federal public services that come into play in their daily life.
The management of the Population Department is thus meant to be a harmonious mix of strictness and flexibility.


Civil Registry: General Information


The Civil Registry is a system of written pieces of proof that relate to a person’s civil status, having been previously prepared by an Officer of the Civil Registry.

At the Civil Registry Department, all sorts of legal facts and certificates concerning civil status are registered.
These give rise to documents called “CIVIL REGISTRY CERTIFICATES” which are prepared by the Officer of the Civil Registry.

These certificates state the year, day, and hour at which they were received and the first and last names, ages, and residences of all persons named in them (Art 34 C.C.)
There is a certificate for each one of life’s events: birth, recognition, adoption, marriage, divorce, death, and naturalization.



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