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Notice for All Saints’ Day

From October 28, 2010 to October 31, 2010, cemeteries will be closed for cleaning. They will be open every day from 8 am – 4 pm for visits and for leaving flowers.

Area cemeteries

CEMETERIES (open from 8am – 5pm)
ErquelinnesRue MadameM. Edmond HAYE - 0494/82.87.20
Solre-sur-SambreRue Emile BosseauxM. Pascal PUISSANT - 0498/90.41.27
Hantes-WihériesChemin des ChapellesM. Pascal PANTOT - 0473/58.56.47
Montignies-St-ChristopheChemin de FéfutM. Pascal PANTOT - 0473/58.56.47
Bersillies-l'AbbayeRue de MontigniesM. Luc CAMBIER - 0498/46.96.18
Grand-RengRue du CimetièreM. Yves DUPONT - 0493/66.20.19



All municipal cemeteries are non-religious, neutral, and accessible to all without distinction
Each of the cemeteries must include 3 types of layouts:


–  burial plots for mortal remains;
– columbariums;
– a lawn for scattering ashes.

In the cemeteries, the following are also included:

In the cemeteries, the following are also included:
– burial plots for children who died at a young age;
– a memorial lawn
(specific place in open soil established for the burial of the mortal remains of people killed at war, repatriated from Germany – prisoners or deported ,executed, resistors killed in service, people completely disabled following war – based on the availability of plots)

For more details ( 51,22kb)



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