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Information from the municipal pensions department (population office)
As a rule, no request should be introduced, because the Royal Decree of September 4, 2002 (Moniteur Belge, September 25, 2002) provides for automatic examination of the right to a retirement pension for any person residing primarily in Belgium who reaches the legal age.
In the case of an early pension, a request must be introduced at the municipal administration at the earliest one year before the pension age.
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Subsistence Pension

The surviving spouse may obtain a subsistence pension. It is preferable to come to the office in order to examine the situation at the time of death and to introduce a pension request.



All people having reached the legal pension age and residing in Belgium have the right to a minimal amount of pension called G.R.A.P.A. (Revenue Guarantee for Elderly People).

In the case where a right to a pension has been taken into consideration, the right to G.R.A.P.A. is automatically examined.

For people who are domiciled abroad and have a career in Belgium, the pension request is made directly at the ONP (National Pension Office) Tour du Midi à 1000 Bruxelles.

For any additional questions, a delegate of the National Pension Office holds office hours the first Monday of each month from 10 am to 12 pm (marriage hall).


Disability Pension

Come to the Population Office with your identification card or with the identification card of the person for whom the request is made.


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