Driver’s License

General Information

The driver’s license is the official document issued by the competent authorities that allows people to drive a vehicle. There are several categories of licenses, corresponding to the different categories of vehicles defined by the law.

 Categories of licenses  Types of vehicles
 A  Motorcycles more than 25Kw or 0.16 Kw/Kg
 A limité  Motorcycles up to 25 Kw or 0.16 Kw/Kg
 A3  Mopeds
 B  Cars up to 3.5 tons (with a trailer of equal or lesser weight than that of the car or without a trailer)
 C1  Trucks up to 7.5 tons
 C  Trucks over 7.5 tons
 D1  Busses with 16 seats or less + driver
 D  Busses with more than 16 seats
 BE  Cars up to 3.5 tons with a trailer of a weight greater than that of the car
 C1E  Trucks up to 12 tons with trailer
 CE  Trucks over 12 tons with trailer
 D1E  Busses up to 12 tons with trailer
 DE  Busses over 12 tons with trailer
 BV  Remunerated transport (mandatory medical screening)
 G  Tractors


Good to know…

♦ Driver’s licenses issued before October 1, 1998 are still valid.
♦ Driver’s licenses issued by an E.U. member state should no longer be exchanged for a Belgian license. In the case of limited validity, these licenses should be exchanged before their expiration date.


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