You are staying in the municipality or you are arriving from another municipality

A change of residence must be made within 8 days of the move (15 days if you are arriving from another municipality).
You must come in person with your identity card to the population department in order to make a change of address declaration.

Cost of the document: 5 €

A neighborhood agent will come to your new place of residence in order to verify your declaration within 10 business days. After the agent’s visit, you must come again to the population office, after a period of 5 business days, bringing:

- your identification card with your PIN and PUK codes
- your certificate of registration if it is in your name.


You are leaving the municipality of Erquelinnes for another municipality

You must come in person to your new municipal offices within 15 days.

You are going abroad


Before leaving the municipality, you must come to the Population Department, bringing your identification card and your codes, to inform us of the departure date and the new address. Then, you must contact the Belgian consulate or embassy to inform them of your new address abroad.
Location of diplomatic posts



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