Living in a decent house - a place of life, of freedom, and of the development of individuals and families - such is the goal pursued by the Walloon Housing Code. This Code translates the intention of offering each person the right to lead a life in accordance with human dignity. (Art. 23 of the Constitution.) The sanitation of housing is an undeniable factor in the respect of this right. In order to judge the conditions of habitability in the Walloon Region, the government has established decrees that determine the criteria for sanitation and for overpopulation.

Inspections and procedures for unsanitary conditions - overpopulation

Article 5: Designated civil servants and agents of the administration or municipal agents certified by the government (if the authority is granted to the municipality), as per its request, by the government, have the function of researching and recording the non-respect of the dispositions targeted by the present chapter. They establish an inspection report…

To have an inspector for unsanitary conditions or overpopulation called, please call:

Wallonia Public Service

Rue Brigade d'Irlande, 1
5100 Jambes
Tel: 081/33.21.11
Fax: 081/33.23.25

Inspection request form:(adobe_reader_logo.jpg  25.5Ko)


For information:
Municipalities with the authority to carry out sanitation inspections (liste arrêtée du 7/10/2010 adobe_reader_logo.jpg  22.9 Ko)

Sanitation criteria :(adobe_reader_logo.jpg 165 ko)

The decree of the Walloon Government determining the minimal criteria for sanitation and overpopulation, bearing the definitions targeted in Article 1, 19 to 22 bis, of the Walloon Housing Code

(M.B. of October 30, 2007, p. 55871)

This decree has been modified by:

–AGW of November 29, 2007;
–AGW of April 23, 2009.

The Housing Code: : (adobe_reader_logo.jpg 498 Ko)


- Humidity in the home: PDF file (adobe_reader_logo.jpg 837 Ko)

- Humidity sheet: PDF file (adobe_reader_logo.jpg 472 Ko)




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