Health and hygiene

Living in a decent house - a place of life, of freedom, and of the development of individuals and families - such is the goal pursued by the Walloon Housing Code. This Code translates the intention of offering each person the right to lead a life in accordance with human dignity. (Art. 23 of the Constitution.) The sanitation of housing is an undeniable factor in the respect of this right. In order to judge the conditions of habitability in the Walloon Region, the government has established decrees that determine the criteria for sanitation and for overpopulation.
Household hygiene is a daily preoccupation. By adopting a few rules and some good habits, you are guaranteeing the cleanliness of your home’s interior with a minimum of time and effort. Dust mites like hot air, but they love humidity even more. Humidity also encourages mold, which provokes allergies. Hunt down sources of humidity by verifying the status of junctures (windows, sinks, bathtub, etc). If black marks appear, it’s a sign of water infiltration. Clean and disinfect the junctures and replace them if necessary.
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