Smoke detectors
Article 4bis: Any individual or collective residence must be equipped with at least one smoke detector in perfect state of functioning. By smoke detector, it is meant an air monitoring device that, according to the criteria set by the government, warns residents by a loud signal of the presence in the air of a precise level of concentration of smoke or gas emitted by combustion. The device must be certified by an organism recognized by the Government. Compliance document attached
CO Poisoning
CO (carbon monoxide) With the return of winter, the risk of CO (carbon monoxide) poisoning increases. The symptoms of CO poisoning are headaches and nausea. When you move to fresh air, these symptoms disappear. It is urgently necessary to turn off heating devices and to air out the room and to call for help if someone is unconscious. For more information on the measures to take, we invite you to consult the following sites:
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