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Missions of the personnel department

Administration of the personnel department

- General monitoring of administrative files for municipal personnel through implementing general regulatory dispositions as well as applying local regulatory texts that deal with personnel
- Management of Human Resources software


- Calculation of salaries for personnel and municipal agents
- Establishment and distribution of pay stubs and payment orders
- Declaration of professional tax deductions
- Management of sick leave, circumstance leave, service exemptions, and legal or other leaves, as well as recoveries
- Pension declarations for municipal agents
- Establishment of social documents

Per trimester:

- ONSSAPL Declarations (National Social Security Office for Provincial and Local Administrations)
- Declaration of Assistance for the Promotion of Employment (APE)
- Declarations to the AWIPH (Walloon Association for the Integration of People with Disabilities)
- Payment of attendance allowances for Municipal Councils and committees


- The establishment of remuneration slips for professional records
- Establishment of forms for union premiums

Management of the following files:

- Management of files for interruption of career
- Management of files of leaves of absence for statuary employees
- Management of pension files for statuary employees and for municipal agents and their beneficiaries
- Management of files for family allowances and birth
- Management of allowances for carrying out higher duties
- Management of files for temporary appointments
- Administrative management of career development files and the establishment of salary sheets
- Personnel management for internships
- Management of files relating to occupational health
- Information for employees on the benefits offered by collective social service
- Establishment of statistics requested by the various administrations.



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