General Emergency and Intervention Plan

This section presents general information on the Municipal General Emergency and Intervention Plan of Erquelinnes.



What is a general emergency and intervention plan?

It’s a plan, established by the competent authority (the mayor for a municipality or the governor for a province), containing directive lines on the intervention and coordination of emergency services on the operational level as well as on the strategic level during a catastrophe.

How does this work in municipalities?

This plan organizes collaboration between the different security services (5 disciplines):

1. The fire department.
2. Emergency medical services.
3. Police.
4. Civil protection, the army, and any other logistical support, either public or private,
5. Informing and communicating with the public.

Want to know more?

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Competent Authority:

Mr LAVAUX David - Mayor: +32 (0)71 55.92.61

Mr VAN WAEYENBERGE Bertrand - Alderman: +32 (0)495 81.36.59
Mr CHRISTIAENS Vincent - Alderman: +32 (0)64 77.12.92

Emergency Planning Coordinator: MICHEL  Patricia : +32 (0)71 55.92.72
Chief of communication / DIR-INFO: DERIDDER Richard : +32 (0)71 55.93.00



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