Located southwest of the Province of Hainaut, the entity of Erquelinnes includes the villages of the Bersillies Abbey of Erquelinnes, Grand-Reng, of Hants-Wihéries, of Montignies-Saint-Christophe and of Solre -sur-Sambre.
Belonging to the Thudinie, aptly called "Pearl of Hainaut", our region offers to its visitors: architectural treasures, rural landscapes, folklore and gastronomy.

Sambre Valley was long considered to be an exclusively industrially oriented area.
Wrong! the valley of the high Sambre, which extends from Erquelinnes to Landelies, today preserves sixty hectares of natural reserves.
With agricultural land and forests, Erquelinnes is the first Belgian entity that the river meets.
Its six villages offer a variety of landscapes and a rich architecture too little known.
Nearly 10,000 people live on some 4,425 acres that make up the villages of the entity.
Erquelinnes is also a marina which is home to many sailors during the summer.

Improvement works were carried out to allow the passage of Ravel on the one hand, and on the other to establish a tourist information point on the site.
In this way, in addition to boaters, walkers, joggers and cyclists, skater amateurs too, enjoy the area peacefully and safely.
A multitude of walks, hikes allow you to make these different findings.

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