Bersillies l'Abbaye

carrière de bersillies l'abbaye



In the eighth century, an abbey was founded near the parochial church by Saint Aldebert and his wife Saint Reine.
The village originally came under the provostship of Maubeuge, to whom it had been given by Saint Aldegonde.


In 1243, Nicolas II (Sire of Barbençon) founded a monastery there for the Sisters of Saint-Victor of Paris.

At the end of the 15th century, Guillaume de Croÿ successfully integrated the village into the provostship of Beaumont.
Nevertheless, the Treaty of Nijmegen (August 10, 1678) gave this village back to France,
to the provostship of Maubeuge.

In 1696, Louis XIV renounced his conquest and Bersillies
once again became a part of the provostship of Beaumont.

On December 20, 1821, the village of Bersillies was returned
to France by the Netherlands (boundaries at the time of
demarcation of the territory are still visible in the woods, along the Branleux stream, see the green tourist circuit).

In the 17th and the 18th centuries, the village and its surroundings were a possession of the lords of Chimay.
During the 19th century, quarries and marble workshops
provided work to around a hundred workers, but the village has still maintained an agricultural character.



Items of interest for architecture and tourism

♦ The old windmill built by monks in the 17th century.
♦ Saint-Martin Church (1895), in Neo-Gothic style, including artisan statues of Saint-Maritn and of Saint-Hubert dating back to the 17th century.


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