In 868, the village was a possession of the Abbey of Lobbes.
In 906, Guillaume de Montignies participated in the tournament of Anchin and it is believed that he founded the first familial lordship


In 1208, Nicolas de Montignies held the lordship. It passed to the Lalaing family in 1473 by marriage.

Then, in the mid-18th century, it passed over to the lordship of Zomberghe.

Since the village belonged to the provostship of Mauberge, it became French following the Treaty of Nijmegen in 1678.

By the Treaty of Lille in 1699, Louis XIV ceded the territory to Spain. It was then incorporated into the provostchip of Beaumont.

The village has always known agrarian life, to which it added the mining of a dressed stone quarry, two marble mills and two wool fabric factories over the course of the 19th century. During the Battle of Sambre, the locality was conquered on August 22, 1914 by German troops.

In the past, the locality possessed an abbey called the Sainte-Anne Abbey, of which there are no remnants



Items of interest for tourism and architecture

♦ The Saint-Christophe Church (16th century) is of Gothic style.
It was heavily reworked in the 19th century.
♦ The château farms, of which the primary building block dates back to the 17th century.
♦ The Saint-Quirin chapel, an 18th-century niche surrounded by two magnificent chestnut trees.
♦ Bridge - Roman
Located several hundreds of meters from the Roman roadway Bavai-Cologne, this bridge is a remarkable work of construction, recently restored. A former dam on the Hantes (a small stream of water going along the French border), it was later developed into a bridge before the end of the 16th century since it figures on a view of the album of “de Croÿ,” created in 1597. Probably dating back to the High Middle Ages, this work of art in limestone is the end point of a long sea wall, around 100 meters in length, and whose foundations rest on a powerful bed of rocks.


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